The life and times of David Clare (brother of Oliver and Vincent Clare)

This document was prepared with the sole purpose of providing my father, Ronald Clare with some background information on the life and times of his father, David Clare. It is written from that perspective and does not attempt to trace the lives of David’s children or other relatives.

While on holidays in July 2010, my wife, Leanne and I joined the local library, which had access to The range of records available included the British Army WW1 Pension Records. We had a suspicion that David Clare had been in the Army Veterinary Corps. A search of his name in the pension records revealed five documents, one of which gave the names of his wife and four children at the time of his enlistment in 1914. This was the start of further research, which I thought had concluded on 27 July 2010 and I was ready to finalise this document for presentation to Ronald.

Incredibly, I received a telephone call from Mrs Jean Brown on 28 July 2010. Jean was trying to contact an Oliver Clare who lives in Brisbane based on advice she had received from Sarah Harper who had responded to the genealogy forum ten years ago.

Jean is the daughter of Gladys (Mary) Clare, who is the daughter of David Clare and his second wife Jessie Clarke. This makes Gladys known as Mary, Ronald’s half-sister.

Jean provided me with her research and some family photographs. I have incorporated these in the document and included Jean’s research in its entirety in the attachments. We are very grateful to Jean for this information as my original work had some big gaps in it.

The story is by no means complete and may be subject to further update and correction.

Oliver Clare
15 August 2010.

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